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  • Akinola, O. C. (University of Limpopo Printing Press, 2018)
    Ghost Twerkers is specially written by Ola-Kris in honour of all victims of rape, femicide, inequality, wars and gender based violence all over the world, especially on the African continent and particularly in South Africa. ...
  • Akinola, O. C. (University of Limpopo, 2018)
    The play opens with the singing of old South African songs in the palace of King Khunebulana of Sovenga Kingdom. The palace is glamorously furnished in peculiar local South African style, with all tribal colours and garments ...
  • Tsietsi. 
    Akinola, O.C (University of Limpopo, 2017-05)
    The setting of this play is somewhere in rural South Africa. Far left sits a shebeen. On far right is Madithunya’s home, a shack. Play opens with a choreographed dance in different parts of a very busy street. All sorts ...
  • Ratau, Nelson (Staging Post Publishers, 2019)